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  The best life? I believe that everyone has his own life and the life he desires. But what is the best life in the world?
  Did you notice? The corner was a scrawny beggar, with wrinkled faces and grey hair. The early summer sun shone through the dense layers of foliage, and the ground was covered with a shimmering speck of copper. But for the comedown unruly beggar, just repeated YongSunBuJi day. The bright sunrise, has jumped out from the eastern hills behind, changing the halo of colors and colors. The beggar crumpled his sleepy eyes and rose slowly from the park chair. Walk slowly to the side of the street, interspersed with the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Strikingly in his hand that shabby to break the box, the box in his hands constantly and gorgeous, from other people's facial expression, more no sympathy for him, but a slightly abandon, he long sigh, perhaps complain about social injustice, or sigh indifference of human nature, but so what? Nor was there a crowd of people listening to his lonely sigh. Occasionally a passer-by would throw some COINS into his bowl. One day I don't know how long a sunset slowly maps to the beggar's face. He scratched his head, looking at the map on the ground of the glowing rays, seem to think of what, perhaps a cavalier face, may be the back, one by one through the full abandon or worry for the essences of tonight?
  This is a beggar's life, his life turn, naked inch, and he is wealthy, highly anticipated even fat horse light qiu, remarkable life, and that this is the best in the world?
  Look! Isn't that the second-tier star? ! The fans, who had been waiting at the airport, had risen to the ground and surrounded him. Thanks to the protection of his bodyguard, he was well on the way to the airport. Spring, the warm sun, he rolled down his window, open your hand heart feel the sunshine, the sunshine is giving face stroked his palm, rub the person whole body comfortable, just buy a sapphire ring on his hand also in the sun looks very beautiful.
  Different vehicles will stop in the down stairs of the brokerage firm, a broker will take a pile of papers to arrange for his back he told the of all kinds of affairs, he carefully listen, he dare not interesting snub, his heart to know how much he was standing at this position is not easy. He participated in various activities and attended various parties according to the company's arrangement.
  At dinner time, he is delivered good married friends about to come out, as contact feelings everyday meals, inadvertently, an unknown tabloids will they filmed by a camera. The second day was reported by the big media. For the first time, he received a call from the company as a client, informing him that he had been suspended from business.
  The star, who is rich in food and clothing, is not happy. He yearned for a comfortable life. Is this the best life in the world?
  The beggar felt that he had nothing to eat, but that he thought the best life was, and that the star was comfortable and free, and what was the best life in the world? In fact, everyone has his own life and the life he desires. Everyone is dreaming of their own perfect world when they inadvertently ignore what they have and instead compare what we lack. The poor say that money is the best life. Criminals say that freedom is the best life. The rich say that happiness is the best life. The best life that people aspire to is nothing more than the lack of a part of the current life.
  What, you insist on asking me what is the best life? I think a quality life is the best life. Yes, there are many people in the society who talk about quality of life and quality of life in their mouths all day long. They think it is quality of life to spend more and spend more money. Hence, there are more and more people, in all aspects of daily life desperately trying to describe, when asked why he was so, their answers are justified, "in pursuit of quality of life, in order to pay attention to the quality of life."
  If money and material conditions are the quality of life, is there a quality of life that is unique to all rich people? If there is a quality of life in the high education, is there a quality of life for all college students, and there is no quality of life for those who are not exposed to education? The answer, of course, is no. The quality of life is not a class, a region, or even a patent of an era. The ancients can also have the quality of life, the poor, the countryman, the craftsman, the farmer can have the quality of life.
  In fact, everyone can have the best life, as long as everyone weighs their own abilities and conditions, and pursues the best life that can be given under limited conditions. Therefore, the quality of life is a kind of pursuit spirit, which is to seek the best style and manner of the condition under a limited condition.
  Quality of life is the best of life, and the belief that "it's best for you". Life is so simple.




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